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Sunday, November 20, 2011

She Keeps On Going

"She Keeps On Going"    12" x 16"   Oil on Canvas
After I get a painting set up and during the time I'm getting the canvas covered with paint, I usually have music going in the background, but while this one was being developed, I happened to have the TV on, listening to Charley Rose interviewing folks who have been covering the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I have worried a lot lately about how attitudes towards this movement get formed according to which network a person is watching, about how our country is influenced by bias more than by fact.  But then my attention turned away from all this and back to the river and, taking a deep breath, it occurred to me that the river keeps on going regardless.  I continue to go back to the river because it retains its own truth, uninfluenced by all the noise of politics.

I'm making this painting available for auction.  You can bid on it by going HERE.

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My name is Donna Thomas and I am a fellow Georgian. I think your work is beautiful. I own The Art School in Sandy Springs in Atlanta. Where do you live in N. GA. I own a place in Sky Valley.