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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Morning Impression

"Morning Impression"  5" x 7"    Oil on board

I rarely do really small paintings, but this week I decided it might be fun to make some small studies.  The problem with painting really small is capturing enough to make the painting work while not over-crowding it.

I remember nearly thirty years ago, I was commissioned to do a 3 x 6 foot mural.  I submitted to the client three miniature watercolor studies, each one-twelfth of that size, each a different point of view.  My plan was to take the mural from the study they chose, but to my shock when I began to lay out the composition, I discovered it would not work:  it fell apart when enlarged  to twelve times its size.

I learned an important lesson with that project:  make sure the composition will work regardless of the size.

This little painting is from an early morning visit to York Falls during early summer.  The light was flooding through the trees filtered by a light mist in the distance.  It was a brief impression, and then it was gone.

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Megha Kapoor said...

I m so glad that i visited your blog i m too small just 28 yrs of age and your blog looked like a heaven. i m so happy to see your work and i m sure your hubby is also celebrating with god after seeing such a wonderful work great work mam!