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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fourth Wren Study

"Fourth Wren Study"   7" x 10"  Watercolor
Most likely, this is the last of the wren studies, at least for now.  The little painting's colors are a bit richer than I was able to capture in the photo, but I hope this is close enough.
      I mentioned in an earlier post that after I began these studies, the wren stopped coming to the feeder, almost as a tease to dare me to capture his (or maybe it is her) image.  Later, I discovered the little rascal poking around the front porch.
     Either a mama phoebe who's nesting in the rafters of my carport or a hummer frequenting my feeder will be next.  Both are keeping me busy trying to capture videos of them, neither having yet given me enough footage to begin their studies, but I will win this one.