Paintings by Dianne Mize

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

My August Woods

"My August Woods"   16 x 20  Oil on Canvas

This summer more than any during the twenty-six years I've lived in these woods, they've held a devoted magic for me.  It could be that during the winter, I blazed trails throughout my six acres of woods, paths I walk daily with Maggie who delights in exploring all around the trails, checking with me from time to time, but always cognizant of where I am whether or not we're within sight of each other.  Or perhaps as I get older, I'm learning to stroll through these paths soaking in the life around me rather than being distracted by brain chatter.  Whatever the reason, our walks along these are the most special part of every day.

How the lights and shadows carry on their perpetual dance from sun up to sundown and even in moonlight has always filled me with a sense of mystery and feeling that I am one energy with them.  Quantum physics is now revealing to us that all our ordinary reality, even our physical bodies, is made of energy.  This feeling of being one with all was within my conscious awareness while working on this painting of a section of the path toward sundown.