Paintings by Dianne Mize

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thoughts of Lothlorien

"Thoughts of Lothlorien"   20" x 16"
 Oil on Canvas
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This painting began because I was drawn to a bright blast of light radiating from a tree on the edge of the riverbank.  As the painting progressed, the images Tolkein paints with words describing Lothlorien kept floating in and out of my awareness.

One problem in painting is finding the right balance between showing the brightness of light without blinding the viewer and making it bright enough in the right places to convey the experince of it.  It's very much like getting the right volume with music without blowing out everybody's eardrums, or for a poem, choosing words strong enough without screaming.  It's this balancing act, among other challenges, that keeps me fascinated with art.