Paintings by Dianne Mize

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sheep or Baseball

Easing back toward getting my paws ready for functioning at the easel, I've been doing a few gesture drawings in my sketchbook.  Two things getting my attention these days are the sheep shearing I watched in the early spring and baseball.  (If you've not already seen it, you can get a glimpse into the sheep adventure HERE.)

And baseball is one of the few competitive sports I enjoy.  Being a Braves fan, I follow their games religiously.  I decided to try gesture drawing the players while watching the game to discover what a challenge that turned out to be.  The cameras switch from one view to another in a matter of seconds, making it virtually impossible to capture more than a few squiggles at a time, but after my first session I was surprised at how much a few squiggles can reveal about what is going on.

 I have no idea whether these images will later get translated into paintings, nor does it matter.  What matters is that, at last, my hand is able to take a step towards getting back to painting.

Enjoy your Saturday.