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Friday, November 4, 2011

Both Strong and Delicate

"Tallulah Bouders, Today"    12" x 16"   Oil on Canvas
$210  BUY
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It is those huge boulders on the Tallulah that caught my attention this week.

I have never visited the Tallulah River without being keenly reminded of how deeply we humans are connected to the earth.  I wonder why in the world  anybody would object to protecting our planet.  Here are huge boulders untouched by human's tendency to harvest for their own profit and flowing through them are waters replete with life.  It is one of the few areas in our mountains that is surviving the deluge of human activity.

As as a sidebar:  With this week's post, I'm introducing my new association with Daily PaintWorks, an on-line sales gallery and auction website owned and managed by David Marine, husband of artist Carol Marine.  I'm excited about this new opportunity to make my work available for sale on a website with such a high degree of integrity.

Very soon, I will be presenting a pre-Christmas auction of small works.


B Lancton said...

Very beautiful painting. What I like most is that I can smell the water over the rocks. It holds a particularly wonderful memory.

Gae Stovall said...

Diane, you are so gifted and intuitive--I always love to see your work. All of your paintings speak to the heart and you capture the subjects so beautifully. Thanks for sharing the body of your work here--it is much enjoyed.
Oh, yes, Tallulah is an incredible place!