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Friday, October 15, 2010

Refections on the Painting Process

Whatever happens at the beginning of a painting determines the progression of all that sets up the painting's destiny.  It's a kind of karma:  the seeds that get sown predict the outcome.

Aware of this, it takes a while for me to apply the first strokes to the painting.  I never know the outcome, I cannot imagine the painting finished.  It always reminds me of the birth of a child:  the moment a child is conceived, his/her genetic makeup determines the person that child will become: male, female, gay, straight, tall, short, blond, brunette--all that and more .  To enable that child to become the person he or she was born to be rather than to brainwash this little human to become what the parents would prefer or what social structure demands is a juggling act that becomes the responsibility of new parents.  It's a daunting task.

And those of us born artists have the thrill of repeating this creative process with every new painting that emerges.  Everything we are translates into what we see and how we see it.  Our preparation--the skills we've mastered--determine how we express what we have perceived.  Our imaginations enhance our interpretations.

Now, isn't that a miracle within itself!

Enjoy your Friday.

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ralphparker said...

The comparison to children is a good one. We can influence their development, but they will still become what they will. The 'discovery' process in painting is a fascinating exercise... every time.