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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mother Moth Revisited

There's at least one more moth painting to do.  What began this moth series was a mother moth who, back in the spring, chose my screen porch as a place to deposit her eggs just before she died.  What's odd about this is that the Polyphemus usually finds some camouflaged spot in the woods for laying her eggs, but this mother chose a spot out in the open on a screen panel at the front corner of my front porch. 
I did a small painting of her shortly after discovering her, but since that time have been intrigued with the Polyphemus theme--as you know.  I realize this is somehow playing a large role in my coming to terms with Howard's death; there's a serenity while doing these paintings.

I thought perhaps "Ascending" would be the last one in the series, but after finishing it, I want now to go back to the original mother moth and revisit her as the final painting in the series.   I'm beginning as usual with sketchbook studies to familiarize myself with the subject and get a sense of where I want to take it.

Here's a closeup of the value study of the eggs.

The painting will be another large one, the same size as "Ascending."  Beyond that, the idea is evolving.  And as I always say, stay tuned.

Enjoy your Friday.

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