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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moth Painting Four: Second Phase

This is a fun painting to do.

Since my last post, I have defined the background space which the art world calls "negative space," a term I've not always subscribed to since its function in a painting is anything but negative.  It is the environment in which the image lives and its handling means everything to how the imagery is perceived.  But back in the abstraction era when everything about a painting got analyzed and minimalized, the term "negative" got born and became embedded into the visual language.

While defining the environment, I began to lay in the value structure using the colors I find in the resource image.  It's crucial at this stage of the painting's development that I respond to the original image.  The composition is set, the drawing is done, there is nothing left to figure out, so now I am free to respond to the image itself.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Clyde Broadway said...

Do you always start off wet into wet in your watercolors? I couldn't see any crisp outline on the first layer, but it might be there is why I'm asking.