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Monday, August 16, 2010

One in a Zillion

With zillions of painters in action today, and their paintings all looking pretty much alike, it can get tiring going from one website to another, even one show to another, without sighing.  And we've come to expect from the various artists' magazines one kind of repetition after another.  Granted, repetition is one of the unifying principles in all the arts--one of the most important ones, in fact--but too much repetition makes boredom.  (I guess the cliche is "too much of a good thing", huh?).

So it was with suspicion that I subscribed to Workshop magazine (published by American Artist).  My first issue arrived Friday.

I confess I scolded myself a bit as I reached inside my mailbox for what I just knew would be another art rag.  And I opened it not the least bit curious about what was inside.  But something caught my attention:  an article on artist Joseph Paquet, a painter I'd never heard of.  His subjects are typical of most plein air painters, but his paintings contain a strength, a life, an invitation to hang around, an import of the individual uniqueness of the artist himself.  I thought you might enjoy meeting this guy: .  And meet him on this video:

It's a rainy Monday in north Georgia.  Hope yours is a good one.
P.S.  There is a three-part interview with Joe here.  It will take about half an hour, but well worth it:


Mo.Mize said...

I chuckled at this post Aunt Dianne especially the part when you said "another art rag"! I'll definitely have to check out the links you've posted..... I'm enjoying reading your post....

Lila said...

Wow - thanks, Dianne! I see what you mean about Joe's work. The link in your blog didn't work for me but I just typed in the address and got it fine. I look forward to watching the videos later this week.