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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dancing Light

"Dancing Light"  13" x 21"    Pastel on paper
I finished this painting a couple of weeks before Christmas.  It is the fourth in my series of paintings from a canoe trip on the Tugalo River in the fall.

The images from that trip remain as fresh today as the day I experienced them.  During this moment, the surface of the water displayed its own painting, changing moment by moment with the movement of the water's ripples and the subsiding light of a sun setting.  Our boat was skirting along the surface of all this, adding its own note to the pulsating motion, becoming a part of a both fleeting and emerging, a dance of light on the water's surface.

1 comment:

Gary L. Everest said...

Hello Dianne,
This, as well as, the two previous posts are magnificent.
I clicked on them a couple of times and greatly appreciate the fact that the image was enlarged. So many of the blogs I follow do not feature this and it's always a little frustrating.
Anyway, your admitted struggle to enjoy working with pastels was obviously most successful and I feel fortunate that I visited your blog to experience your fine work.
Congratulations on your success and I hope you continue with this.