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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quiet January

"Quiet January"     12" x 18"    Oil on Canvas
$200  SOLD

In these north Georgia hills in January, there's no predicting the temperatures or weather.  We'll be outside without jackets one day and bundled up in our winter coats, scarves and gloves the next.  We might have enough snow to bring the entire world to a halt or we might not see a flake all winter.  We make grand plans at our own risks.  But there are a few places in January that most likely will be cold no matter what the temperatures are a few miles downhill.  The Tallulah River is one of those places.  This little painting is done on one of the colder days when other than having to pull out our winter wraps several times, we've not yet seen any snow.

One thing I love about the rivers here is that if you don't stay in the moment, you're likely to miss something.  During these moments, the sun was fully lit one moment, then partially blocked by clouds the next.  I happened to catch my moment at a time when the on a pinpoint of sun was breaking through.

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Annice said...

You make January beautiful. Love the peacefulness of this.