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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Early Morning on Windridge

"Early Morning on Windridge"  16" x 20"    Oil on Canvas
$400   BUY

Sometimes the skies here are incredible.  Early Monday morning on my drive into town, I could hardly keep my eyes on the road.  It was about an hour after sunrise and had been raining the night before.  I was so captured by what was going on, I went back home, got my camera and holding it in my right hand as I was steering with the left, I pointed it through the windshield and snapped continuously for four miles and back again.  This scene was just  yards from my driveway looking south on my road, Windridge.

I got lucky.  There's never much traffic on the way to town, but at that time of morning, most of the working folks were already gone and the not many others had begun to stir around yet.  I had the road, the skies and four miles of landscape to myself.  Sometimes things just go your way.

This painting is most likely be beginning of an emerging theme about skies and the landscape I see on my way to town.

1 comment:

Tinker said...

You sound like ME! Driving with one hand out of the window and snapping photos!
The painting is lovely. Really caught the atmosphere.