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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Waters Rush, Rocks Stand Firm

"Waters Rush, Rocks Stand Firm"    18"x 14"   Oil on Canvas
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Although not where it ended, here's the scene where this painting began.

I was thinking about those multitudes of huge boulders along the Tallulah and wondering how far back in time they reach.  And about how torrents of water rush between them and at times, over them.  Barrels and barrels of water rushing and tumbling, crashing and splashing, then quietly pooling, still enough to collect foliage greens, tree bark grays and sky blues before crashing and bursting under sunlight into zillions of stark white bubbles, creating a sound so deafening you can't hear your own voice.  

All day long my brush was pushing paint with my eyes focused on those boulders while all along  it was the water I was hearing.  Then after the end of that long day of virtually non-stop painting,  I scraped down the canvas, turned it vertically, and started over.   It was the water that wanted my attention this time.


Jeanette said...

Absolutely delightful Dianne. The water is stunning and the colours give it such life. I envy your ability to render it so well.

B Lancton said...

I not only hear the water in your painting, but I smell it as well.

Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning Dianne!... How wonderful to discover yet another kindred spirit through the bloggosphere! I discovered your site and presence through the site of amutual friend Rob Ijbema... Glad that I peeked in... to see what your site might reveal!

How strange the Universe... and its workings! Your current painting and the site (germ for creation) where it originated... is so much like one on the Madawaska River here in Canada to the north... that frankly... it frightens me!

Your words about your life partner... your choice of music and your very intense and strong need for "Water Music"...HA HA!- a classic choice link to mine as well! Parallel paths... I guess would describe it all!

I loved and much enjoyed the work as I moved steadily through your wonderfully constructed assemblage of visual and written expression!site. The experience led
Me"... "beside still waters"... and it did in its own way... restore my soul.

Thanks for sharing! I'll be back!

Good Painting... in them thar beautiful mountains!
Warm regards,
Bruce Sherman

PS I was a teacher and visual art consultant... in another life! HA HA!!!