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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back To the Tallulah

"Tallulah, Late September"      16" x 20"    Oil on Canvas
$230   SOLD
Here's the second in my new series of paintings, "In Praise of Mountain Streams."  My subject here is a small section of the Tallulah River, one of the few areas in our mountains that hasn't been invaded by real estate developers.  This river is the one place where Howard and I would go when we needed to recharge our creative muses--miles of roaring waters and huge boulders along side a narrow dirt road.

But it's not nostalgia that bring me back here, rather a trust that this is one place where nature is still in charge.  I need to know that.


Anamaria said...

I love everyting about this painting: colors, light, composition, for me everything is in a perfect balance and skeaps directly to my soul. You are a gifted artist, Dianne, thanks for sharing.

Barbara Pask said...

A gorgeous painting. The water is perfect and I love that light in the top left.

rob ijbema said...

so nice to see your work again dianne
i love the patches of light on the moving well captured!