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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Paws (pun intended)

I'm a bit inhibited about broadcasting physical slow-downs, but considering this is after all a blog, and taking into consideration that this blog is growing cobwebs, you should probably know that my paws aren't working well these days, so my painting is slow at best and on hold at worst.  For a bit more than a year, I've been fighting carpal tunnel syndrome, a common but limiting and irritating condition, and it's in both hands.

During the past several months, my doctor and I have done every therapy and non-intrusive method we could find, but the injury to both hands is substantial, so once considerable nerve damage was confirmed by a neurologist, my hand surgeon concluded that surgical repair to both hands is absolutely necessary.  (A side note here:  I have the best hand surgeon anywhere, hands down--Dr. Michael Raab.)

As many of you know, the left hand was repaired mid-February.  It is healing nicely, responding well to physical therapy and should be in good shape in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, with the right hand having to take double duty, its condition has degenerated.  So, providing the lefty is able to take over, the right hand will be repaired mid-April, mid-May at the latest.

I'm looking forward to getting both these paws going again and re-energizing my painting life and this blog.  Do stay tuned.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Spring!


Franziska said...

Hi Dianne,

I am sorry about your inability to use your hands as you normally would (and not being able to paint or write is not nice). My Mom had the surgery on both hands, too, and luckily, she is perfectly fine. I will be thinking of you and I am hoping for quick recovery!
Get well soon ♡

Franziska San Pedro
The Abstract Impressionist Artress

de-Quoter said...


There are very few bloggers who have impressed me, not with their work but with their words - the way they express their true SELF, and you are certainly one of them.

I won't say 'I am sorry about your inability to use your hands' and Franziska shouldn't take it personally. I know it does hurt deeply when you learn the person, you love so much, is unable to do what he/she is possessed with doing. Yet, I very humbly pray to Allah to order the angels to 'make haste' in curing your hands soon.

Though I discovered you while searching for blogs on watercolour painting, but the truth is I love your words a little more than your strokes.

God bless your grace with perfect health, peace of mind, consistent moods and lasting ability to draw, paint and write.

Saalik Siddikki

Anonymous said...

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