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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In writing and in talking, Howard often used the word "quiddity."  For years I have used the word "essence" in the same spirit, but I'm beginning to prefer "quiddity" because the word encompasses the intrinsic, inherent and fundamental nature of its referent.

There is the quiddity of the subject and the quiddity of the artist.  The marriage of the two make the art work.  And that includes a lot of stuff going on.

I spend hours sitting on my deck, surrounded by our woods.  When it's not overcast in the mornings and late afternoons, I witness the most incredible light show as the sun bathes and dances over tree trunks, earth and foliage.  And no matter how many times I attend this production, it always leaves me in a sense of awe.  Sometimes I zoom in on a piece of it and draw.


Have a lovely Tuesday.


Dale said...

I think this is what I was talking about on my blog when working on Prelude (no fugue) No. 4, that every note had to be "right," or else I would be lying to the audience.

Sharon Wright said...

Strange word. I had a sense of tension, foreboding and disarray, and thought you were in trouble. I was delighted to read on and discover you were nothing of the sort!

Gaye Sekula said...

Quiddity. I like the sound of it. I think I shall add it to my vocabulary. :-)