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Friday, January 28, 2011


Today is January 28, the date that my Howard took flight from this earth one year ago.  Folks around here have been watching me like a hawk, so let's put all fears and reluctancies to rest:

Today I am thinking how blessed I am to have been given nearly thirty years with such a brilliant, vibrant and loving human being, so my focus today is not on the parting; rather, the wholeness of being.  How many people on this earth can say that their chosen mate made them more of who they are!

Together, we defied the odds right and left.  We ignored the "common wisdom" of a culture that wagged its finger in our faces and we replaced the "common" with the uniqueness of living our own reality, being convinced that our reality is all we have, that if we humans fake our way through life by trying to be what is acceptable, by sculpting our attitudes and choices to fit into somebody else's idea of how it should be, we become less than who we are, we become small and unhappy.

Our applause was spontaneous.  We each became so certain of our inner selves that we could respond without checking to see if that response was acceptable, whether within our bond or with the outer world.  This inner certainty was our gift to each other, resulting from a mutual, abiding and unqualified love and acceptance one to the other.

And so on this day, the first anniversary of Howard's physical departure which we call death, I am grateful for the creation of this especial human, a most extraordinary being, whose was given the name Howard Gordon Hanson and I am filled with thankful appreciation to have shared that life.

Make this a special day.


Evelyn said...


Your celebration of life is an honor to your husband's legacy. Your expressions are ones I was eager to share with others.

Keep blogging.

Dale said...

Always beautiful, always classy. I love you.