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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Studies for Moth Four

Here is my work from yesterday.
This photo is my resource for the next watercolor painting.  Following are the initial studies.

Gesture drawings:  I always begin with gesture drawings in order to get a sense of the movement, the motion, the directional forces of the subject.

Studies 2:  Here I first do a quick massing in gestural strokes, exploring what's happening with the light within the gestural movement.  Next I try out a composition, after which I do a notan study.  A notan is a study of the light and dark patterns.

Studies 3:  A closeup trying out the placement of the image along side the notan. This is the composition I've tentatively settled on.
If you've not checked my blog recently, cursor back to yesterday's post to get the connection of this piece with the series I'm working on.

Have a fun Saturday.

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