Paintings by Dianne Mize

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fleeting Light on Tugalo

Fleeting Light on Tugaloo

"Fleeting Light on Tugaloo"    14 x 18 inches   Oil on Canvas

I'm transfixed by late afternoon light, most especially during those few moments just before the sun sets when you can see the light moving, bouncing from spot to spot.  There's a radiant glow in the shadows unlike at any time during the day, not even in the mornings just as the sun is rising.

Here on the Tugaloo river I was floating in a canoe, knowing it would be dark before reaching a place to pull in, but not really caring.  A couple of other folks were paddling, so my entire attention was on the light and those radiant shadows.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Late Afternoon October

"Late Afternoon October"   16 x 20 inches   Oil on Canvas
October suddenly turned gold in my woods, then there was a storm that took all the gold leaves to the ground, but it wasn't long before things began to turn gold again, emphasized and spread throughout the woods by the late afternoon sun.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Last of September Greens

"Last of September Greens"
The North Georgia leaves began turning color early this year.  Late in the afternoon on a clear day, my woods glow as if from within, areas of white at first, then slightly gold before for about two minutes brilliant golden orange floods the tops of the tree trunks. At that moment the lingering greens become reminiscent of the golden greens of springtime.  It is nature's light show.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September Woods, One

"September Woods, One"   14" x 18"  Oil on Canvas

With each painting of my woods, some new level of belonging to them emerges and weaves itself into all that I am.  These are not just scenes nor are they just paintings to be admired.  Rather each of these is a search for finding my oneness with every ounce of sap that moves through these trees, with every bug that's busying itself among them, with every leaf that is undergoing its metamorphosis, getting ready to change its color and then drop to the ground.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

"August Woods, Two"   8" x 10"   Oil on Canvas Board
I have spent my summer absorbing the light within the woods where I live. Finally, I am doing a series of paintings that studies the power of light's story told within the green of the foliage, how it moves and changes every moment, and how mirrors the very life of our universe.  This is the second painting of the series.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My August Woods

"My August Woods"   16 x 20  Oil on Canvas

This summer more than any during the twenty-six years I've lived in these woods, they've held a devoted magic for me.  It could be that during the winter, I blazed trails throughout my six acres of woods, paths I walk daily with Maggie who delights in exploring all around the trails, checking with me from time to time, but always cognizant of where I am whether or not we're within sight of each other.  Or perhaps as I get older, I'm learning to stroll through these paths soaking in the life around me rather than being distracted by brain chatter.  Whatever the reason, our walks along these are the most special part of every day.

How the lights and shadows carry on their perpetual dance from sun up to sundown and even in moonlight has always filled me with a sense of mystery and feeling that I am one energy with them.  Quantum physics is now revealing to us that all our ordinary reality, even our physical bodies, is made of energy.  This feeling of being one with all was within my conscious awareness while working on this painting of a section of the path toward sundown.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Lesson of a Moneyplant

"What the Tree Frog Sees"  12 x 16   Oil on Canvas

If you were a tree frog, this is the size you would see the moneyplant blossom.   The human eye, though, sees it as a tiny member of a larger cluster.  But the closer we move our human eyes to it, the larger it becomes, and the more brilliant the purple.  As our focus become more intent on the petals, the surrounding foliage surrenders to soft patterns.  Do we then remember the moneyplant blossom as tiny or large?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

"As the Sun Is Rising"     12 x 16 inches   Oil on Canvas

This painting marks the beginning of the first series following the release of my book, Finding Freedom to Create.   Oddly, during the development of the painting, I thought I was painting wild violets, but when I began defining the foliage, I became away that this was a money plant, many of which are growing in my back yard.  Maybe there's a metaphor there.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013